To Stay Young, Act Young

You have to hand it to Joan Collins.  She looks good.  She wears red. She’s 79 years old.220px-Joan_Collins_in_Stephane_Rolland_(1)_cropped

And she tweets.

I don’t know how long Collins has been tweeting, but last month she started issuing diet tips.  For a while, she issued one tip a day.

January 8: #1 best exercise – push yourself away from the dining table.

January 9: Ditch all white food, anything made with white flour, rice, pasta, milk, sugar.

January 10: Try just eating eggs only for every meal: hardboiled, scrambled, poached. Very filling, but do it 1 day only.

January 11: Between meals (no snacking) eat an apple.

Really, eat an apple?  Who knew?

I’m going to have to try this one from January 17: If you MUST drink, have vodka or tequila with ice & water, instead of wine.

This one is pretty good, too, from January 20: You must eat life or life will eat you.  And it’s only 39 characters with spaces!

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  1. Eva Trieger says:

    Thanks for an informative and entertaining piece, not to mention some really sound diet tips. I think Joan looks awesome, but if she’s still tweeting at 99, then I’ll be impressed!!!

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