About… the personal

I was single for a very long time. Now I’ve been happily married for a while.

My husband is a writer.  It seemed like a pretty good gig, so I tried it out.  I liked it.

My first job after graduate school was in the research department of a non-profit organization. I spent a lot of my time assisting the director in writing grant proposals. During my two-year tenure, I don’t think we ever secured any monies.  Fortunately, we were well-funded.

I worked for AT&T in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, for fifteen years.  Before the company divested  in 1984, it was the largest employer after  the Federal Government in the U.S. and oh so corporate. Walking down the hallway at headquarters, I sometimes wanted to laugh out loud or kick up my heels, just to get a reaction.  As an advertising manager, I met wonderfully creative people, the best in the business, but I eventually felt the need to do something different.

I returned to Cleveland to work with my father and brother in a couple of small, manufacturing concerns they had built from the ground up.  Given my background, I was in charge of marketing, advertising, and communications.  When we took investors into the business, the environment became political.  It was time for another change.

Now I live in southern California. I never thought I’d live on the West Coast, but it seems to agree with me.  I enjoy walks on the beach and a glass of wine at dinner.  The former I don’t do as often as is good for me; the latter I partake in every evening.

And I work for myself.   My time is my own.  If I waste it, I’m not letting anyone down.  When I’m successful, I get all the credit, although I’m more than willing to share it with my husband.  After all, he got me started in my current career.

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