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The world turns.  Silent movies became talkies, and telephones became mobile.  Now, no one can stop talking.  And texting and tweeting.  And blogging.

In the fashion world skirts got shorter.  T-shirts got tighter.  Underwear became outerwear.  We wear boots in warm weather and flip flops year round.

In the art world expressionism replaced impressionism; pop art took off where abstract expressionism left off.  Pop culture embraced reality television, even if it had nothing to do with reality.

As a society, we moved from the farm to the city, from the suburbs to a commune.  We abandoned downtowns and then renovated them.  We went to the butcher for a good cut of beef and the baker for a fresh loaf of bread.  When the supermarket filled its shelves with household goods, canned goods, and six-packs of soda pop, one stop was the preferred way to shop.  These days we visit the farmer’s market down the block for flowers and fruit and grow tomatoes in the backyard.

We fall in love and fall out of love.  Once upon a time it was a scandal when a couple divorced.  We ostracized  the children, too, labelling them with  a “Scarlet A.”  But that was then.  Hopefully, we won’t see those days again.

Change is a constant, both rewarding and stimulating, if sometimes disruptive.  We go on vacation for a change of pace and travel to faraway destinations for a change of scenery.  We change jobs to broaden our experience and change places to get a better view.  We change our minds when circumstances warrant it.  And then change them back.

On this website I will look at history, her story, true stories, and fiction, considering the quirky, crazy things we once said and did compared to the quirky, crazy way we live today.  I’ll comment on gossip, too, what we talked about way back when and who captivates us currently.  We might find out that the more things change the more they remain the same.

What’s your story?  What’s new with you?  Drop me a line.

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