Out with the Old; In with the New

Say “I do” with your “Moons over My Hammy.” Photo by: Thomas Hawk

The Candlelight Wedding Chapel once sat on prime real estate on Las Vegas Boulevard.

It was one of an esteemed or, at least, in the eyes of those who married there, beloved group of the town’s renowned freestanding wedding chapels on the Strip.  Michael Caine and Shakira Baksh tied the knot there.  So did Bette Midler and Martin von Haselberg.  Both couples are still together.

In 2004 the property on which the chapel was located was sold out from under it, to be redeveloped into something bigger and better, more glitzy and glamorous. The chapel was abandoned, while the motel and casinos surrounding it were demolished bit by bit.

But now the Candlelight Wedding Chapel is being restored.  In 2007 it was moved to the Clark County Heritage Museum down the road in Henderson.

While Little Church of the West, Wee Kirk Wedding Chapel, and Graceland, among others, still welcome wedding parties, big or small, dressed up or down, with or without an Elvis impersonator, Denny’s apparently felt there was an opportunity to get into the wedding business.

Yes, that Denny’s, the breakfast place, open 24 hours, serving pancakes, eggs, and bacon all day long.

The restaurant chain recently announced it’s building a new Denny’s in the heart of Neonopolis, the indoor mall on Fremont Street downtown to open at the end of the year.  It already has two venues on the Strip.  This one will be different.

The 6,400 square foot facility will be decorated to the hilt with over-the-top Vegas memorabilia. A wedding chapel will be located in the middle of the dining area.

Before (and after) the ceremony the couple, and everyone who happens to be having a happy meal or  late night snack, can imbibe at the full service bar.  To spread the news, the newlyweds can have pictures taken in an interactive photo booth and share them on social media sites.

Grand Slam, anyone?

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Look at those bells.  This is exciting.  I like it.  Let’s go.

—  Albert Brooks, in front of the Wedding Bells Wedding Chapel, in Lost in America, 1985