New Year. New Website:

Illustration by: suriko

Illustration by: suriko

Dear Followers,

I’m still blogging, but I’m doing it on my new website,

I still believe change is a constant, both stimulating and rewarding, if sometimes disruptive. We go on vacation for a change of pace and travel to faraway destinations for a change of scenery. We change jobs to broaden our experience and change places to get a better view. We change our minds when circumstances warrant it. And then change them back.

I’m still interested in history, her story, and true stories, considering the quirky, crazy things we once did compared to the quirky, crazy way we live today. But now I encourage you to write them down.

More than ever I believe our stories make us who we are. As a personal historian, I offer a range of services to help you write your life or family history. On my website, I recommend techniques for you to get started on your own. I search out popular memoirs from yesteryear and today, and I quote famous authors on reading, writing, and remembering.

“What is past is prologue,” said William Shakespeare, and it’s worth exploring. Please join me on the journey on