Out! Out! Damn Spot!

What's in a name? Photo by: augrust

Who has been so foolish as to get a name tattoo of a beloved one?  Plenty of people.  And plenty of people, when the bloom is off the rose, say to themselves, “It’s gotta go, one way or another.”

In the early days, some 5,000 years ago, methods for removing body art included sanding, cutting, and burning.  The later left terrible scars.

Since the early 1990s with the development of new and improved laser technology, most opt to blast it off.  Another option is to add more ink.  Both are relatively safe and effective.  The former, which is a medical procedure, is more expensive.  Neither is pain-free.

Consider Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold.  At the height of their relationship, she had “Property of Tom Arnold” tattooed on her thigh.  She covered it up with an elf frolicking among some flowers.  He had a smiley face, hers, engraved on his chest and “Rosey” on his butt.  He chose to erase the past.  Laser surgery left barely a mark.

Angelina Jolie has gone both ways.   After five trips to a clinic, “Billy Bob” and the dragon under Thornton’s name were expunged, while the abstract line tattoo they had created together became an Arabic script tattoo.  It is alternatively translated to mean “strength of will” or “determination,” which she has in spades.

It’s hard to believe, but once Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards were so much in love, she put his name on her ankle; he placed hers on his wrist.  He waited only two days after she filed for divorce to have it removed.  She had “Charlie” turned into a fairy on her reality TV show.

Need I go on?

Staying with the same crowd: after Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora and actress Heather Locklear split, he began seeing Richards, and Locklear, formerly Richards’ best friend, turned “Richie” on her left hip into a rose.

Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, who had “Heather” etched across his chest when he was married to Locklear, dropped the “H”.  His tattoo then read “eather,” whatever that means.

When Pamela Anderson got together with Lee, she put “Tommy” around her ring finger.  Divorced and married to each other twice, it now reads “Mommy.”  Her kids must be pleased.

Is a name tattoo really the best way to express your love?

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To Tattoo or Not To Tattoo

The world is divided into two kinds of people... Photo by: Mauro Luna

We’re been hearing about Angelina Jolie’s tattoos for years.  Now it seems as if all the young female celebrities have at least one.  Scarlett Johansson has a sunrise on her arm; its significance is personal.  Rihanna, Megan Fox, and Nicole Richie have nine each.  Katy Perry and Lindsay Lohan, among other singers and actresses, are catching up.

Miley Cyrus, just 19 years old, has been into ink for a while.  Her tats include a dream catcher on her torso, an anchor on her wrist, and a cross and heart on her hand.  “Just Breathe” is written on her ribcage and “LOVE” on her ear.  Her latest is an equals sign on her ring finger, symbolizing all love is equal.

Cher, now 65 year old, is credited, and rightly so, with bringing body art into the mainstream.  It matched her over-the-top sense of style.   “I don’t know why I like tattoos so much,” she has said. “I’ve had some of my tattoos for twenty years.  I love getting them.”  She takes them off, too, but it’s doubtful if she’ll ever take them all off.  Laser removal is a painful process.

Among Cher’s collection of work is a necklace with dangling charms, art deco crystal, a black orchid, a black rose, and a Chinese symbol meaning strength.  Her most prominent tattoo is a floral and butterfly motif imprinted on her derriere. How do we know this?  She has designed costumes made up of little more than a mesh body stocking to show it off, as she did in her music video “If I Could Turn Back Time.”

Tattoos aren’t just for the young, but the young at heart, even if you’re over forty.

Jennifer Aniston, 42, got her first earlier this year on the inside of her right foot in honor of Norman, her recently departed Welsh corgi-terrier.  Meg Ryan, 49, now dating John Mellencamp, is inked with “Life is short.”  Melanie Griffith sports a large heart engraved with her husband’s name.  She acquired it after she and Antonio Banderas married fifteen years ago.  Now 54 year old, she still has no qualms about wearing sleeveless tank tops or strapless evening dresses.

... those who have tattoos and those who are afraid of people with tattoos. Photo by: bucaorg

Angel wings are popular designs.  So are references to family members.  When 61 years old, Susan Sarandon put a pattern of interlocking gothic-style letters representing her three children on her back.   The phrase “andand” is displayed around her wrist like a bracelet.  It stands for  “A New Dawn A New Day,” reminding her that she can always start over.

As Sarandon blithely noted, “I’ve only got my body for a few more years anyway.”

You’re never too old to try this for yourself.  Just remember that tattoos start to fade after seven years.  Then they just look old.

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