What’s Age Got To Do With It?

Make my day: make me smile. Photo by: Scott West

Dick Van Dyke isn’t the oldest fella to get married, but at 86-years old he’s certainly one of a unique group of guys.

On February 29, 2012, that’s leap day, if you missed it, he took the plunge and married Arlene Silver, a 40-year old makeup artist, whom he’s known for several years.  The small, private ceremony was held at a Malibu chapel near his home.

Dick says of his bride, “I was bowled over by her beauty.”  She loves to sing, too, but it’s hard to believe that she can keep up with the song and dance man of Broadway, movies, and television, even if he is more than twice her age.

Arlene says of her spouse, “Dick is the happiest person I ever met. He’s got an infectious spirit.”

Van Dyke deserves to be happy.  After all, he made us happy.

We adored him as Albert Peterson, the struggling songwriter with the overbearing mother, singing “Put on a Happy Face” in Bye Bye Birdie, and we wished that Bert, the chimney sweep Van Dyke played in Mary Poppins, were our friend, too.  Just try saying,  “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” Now try spelling it.

We loved him as Rob Petrie on the Dick Van Dyke Show, whether he was trading quips with his fellow comedy writers at work or attending to domestic crises, which really weren’t crises, at home.  Can’t you just hear Mary Tyler Moore as his wife Laura sighing in exasperation, “Oh, Rob”?

Nor was he a bad dad in Diagnosis: Murder.  He played a doctor who did double duty as a police consultant, helping his son, a detective on the force, solve crimes.  It was one of his real-life sons, too.

Van Dyke’s first marriage in 1948 produced four children. He and his wife separated in the seventies and divorced in 1984.  Well, it happens.

Dick took up with Michelle Triola Marvin, whose lawsuit against Lee Marvin, to whom she wasn’t married, brought the word “palimony” into the lexicon.  She loved show business as much as he did, and they were together for thirty years until her death in 2009.   They had only a contract, not a license, to protect them, if it didn’t work out, but it did.

This is a guy who likes being in a relationship.  May Dick and Arlene have a long and happy one.  And the rest of us should take notes.

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Put on a happy face with Dick Van Dyke:

Sing along with Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke:


Out! Out! Damn Spot!

What's in a name? Photo by: augrust

Who has been so foolish as to get a name tattoo of a beloved one?  Plenty of people.  And plenty of people, when the bloom is off the rose, say to themselves, “It’s gotta go, one way or another.”

In the early days, some 5,000 years ago, methods for removing body art included sanding, cutting, and burning.  The later left terrible scars.

Since the early 1990s with the development of new and improved laser technology, most opt to blast it off.  Another option is to add more ink.  Both are relatively safe and effective.  The former, which is a medical procedure, is more expensive.  Neither is pain-free.

Consider Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold.  At the height of their relationship, she had “Property of Tom Arnold” tattooed on her thigh.  She covered it up with an elf frolicking among some flowers.  He had a smiley face, hers, engraved on his chest and “Rosey” on his butt.  He chose to erase the past.  Laser surgery left barely a mark.

Angelina Jolie has gone both ways.   After five trips to a clinic, “Billy Bob” and the dragon under Thornton’s name were expunged, while the abstract line tattoo they had created together became an Arabic script tattoo.  It is alternatively translated to mean “strength of will” or “determination,” which she has in spades.

It’s hard to believe, but once Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards were so much in love, she put his name on her ankle; he placed hers on his wrist.  He waited only two days after she filed for divorce to have it removed.  She had “Charlie” turned into a fairy on her reality TV show.

Need I go on?

Staying with the same crowd: after Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora and actress Heather Locklear split, he began seeing Richards, and Locklear, formerly Richards’ best friend, turned “Richie” on her left hip into a rose.

Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, who had “Heather” etched across his chest when he was married to Locklear, dropped the “H”.  His tattoo then read “eather,” whatever that means.

When Pamela Anderson got together with Lee, she put “Tommy” around her ring finger.  Divorced and married to each other twice, it now reads “Mommy.”  Her kids must be pleased.

Is a name tattoo really the best way to express your love?

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Countdown to Blast Off!

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It’s official!  Before contracting the seven-year itch, one must first get through the three-year glitch.

According to a recent British study of 2,000 adults in steady relationships, couples start taking each other for granted after thirty-six months.

The wife thinks one more potato chip won’t make a difference and gains five pounds.  The husband assumes his dirty socks are part of the bedroom decor and leaves them strewn all over the floor.

She burps, and he farts.  The romance has vaporized, and they have sex once in a blue moon.

It’s true here, as well.  CNN, Fox, CBS, etc. – they all covered the study when the report was released.

And it might not even take three years to fall out of love, or, at least, to become disillusioned by one’s beloved.   Of the four situations when infidelity is most likely to occur during a relationship, the first is after the first year of togetherness.

Here’s more statistics.  Twenty percent of U.S. marriages will dissolve within five years, according to the Centers for Disease Control.  One in three marriages will dissolve within ten years.

The average length of marriage has been slowly falling.  Thirty years ago couples were together for thirty-seven years; today, data shows that the average marriage only lasts for twenty-four years.

First marriages, which end in divorce, last eight years on average.  Second and third marriages are even shorter.  This is despite the fact that seven out of ten adults believe marriage should last forever, or so they claim.

Want to beat the odds?  Consultants say one of the best things to do is talk to each other.  However, beware the partner who says, “Let’s take a break.”  That pretty much means it’s over — with or without the fireworks.

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