Peeps Show



Peeps in the hand.  Photo by: Nate Steiner

Peeps in the hand. Photo by: Nate Steiner



The days are longer and the weather is warmer. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  It’s holidays and family gatherings and possibly a parade.  And Peeps – those yummy chicks and bunnies in a veritable rainbow of colors– are everywhere.


Who doesn’t look for Peeps in their Easter basket?  It’s that sugary marshmallow concoction made of sugar, corn syrup, and gelatin.  And don’t forget the carnuba wax, also known as Palm wax.  It’s perfectly safe.  Applied by pharmaceutical companies, it makes pills easier to swallow.  Used in cosmetics it thickens lipstick and produces a glossy finish.


For over ten years, Peeps celebrations have been held across the country.  In its honor, the Washington Post holds a Peeps Diorama contest, but the deadline for entries was in February.


On this, the sixtieth anniversary of Peeps, candy maker Just Born put a survey on its Facebook page.  Before you turn the page, here are some things to ponder:


How do you eat Peeps:  head first, tail first, all at once, or in tiny bites?


What’s your favorite Peeps color: yellow, pink, lavender, green, and blue?


Does eating Peeps make you: proud, laugh, happy?


How many Peeps do you typically eat at once:  1 or 2, more than 10, or until you get a stomachache?


As a nation, we devour Peeps.  The candy maker hatches five million Peeps a day.  And they’re not just for Easter anymore.  Have some for Valentines Day, the Fourth of July, Halloween, Christmas, or an after school snack.


Some people like them warmed in the microwave, chilled in the freezer, or aged to perfection, so they’re slightly hardened or stale.  Have them your way.  You can always repent later.


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