Good Housekeeping Hollywood Style

Despite her quips on her housekeeping, Zsa Zsa Gabor purchased her current abode in 1973 for $250,000.  Now on the market for $15 million, she claims that both Howard Hughes and Elvis Presley had once lived there (although not together), which may or may not be true.

For Sale – Just Reduced

Regardless, the gated French Regency-style mansion in the exclusive Bel Air neighborhood was the scene of countless parties attended by la crème de la crème.  Queen Elizabeth of England and former First Lady Nancy Reagan, a queen in her own mind, attended one dinner.  Other frequent guests included Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, and Kirk Douglas, who enjoyed eating sausage with her and one of her  sisters in the kitchen.

The 6,393 square-foot edifice built in 1955 sits on a one-acre site.  It is comprised of 28 rooms, including the master bedroom with a two-room closet, four guest bedrooms, five baths, breakfast nook, butler’s pantry, an enclosed patio, an oversized dining room, a recreation room with a fifteen-foot long bar, a formal sitting room, a roof top terrace, and staff quarters.

There’s also a heated pool where Zsa Zsa swam naked in the morning.

Inside or out, the views of downtown Los Angeles and westward to Santa Monica and Catalina Island are magnificent,

Movie-star glamour is evident everywhere, from Zsa Zsa’s portraits to her photographs posing with a veritable who’s who of twentieth-century society, here and abroad. “It’s like walking through a museum,” effusively exclaimed Christophe Choo, the listing agent.

While Choo admits the property needs some remodeling, he estimates, “I think a potential buyer would come in and spend a million dollars or so… and make it special.”

It’s certainly worth a look:

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  1. Thanks for this post … that Zsa Zsa sure had pots of money and boy could she spend it. Unless I win the lottery big time then I think her type of real estate will be just a tad beyond my finances … quite a gigantic tad.
    I am glad to learn that she swam naked in her pool … I’m not sure just how glad mind you. I can do naked in a pool … I suppose that most of us could with just a little daring and a bit of the old Dutch courage. … and provided of course that it was heated.

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