Top Pop Culture Event of the Year: I Do. I Don’t.

In the opening panel of a Steve Breen cartoon in the San Diego Union-Tribuneon November 1, 2011, an anchorwoman announces, “Yesterday, the earth’s population hit seven billion people.”  A noteworthy event in and of itself.

Not happy for long. Photo by: *Lou*

In the closing panel, the anchorwoman continues, “In related news, not one of them was surprised to learn that Kim Kardashian was divorcing after 72 days of marriage.”

I certainly wasn’t.

I have a theory: the louder the wedding, the noisier the crash.  Like cymbals clashing, the notes reverberate long after the main event.  And the Kardashians, along with Kris Humphries riding the sound wave, had been making a racket all year long.

The media blitz started last October when Kim was spotted court side at one of Kris’s basketball games.  He plays for the New Jersey Nets.  Although denying any involvement, the couple was  out and about over the next several months.

In June Humphries proposed with a two million dollar, 20.5-carat diamond ring.  “I didn’t expect this,” Kim demurely announced.  Neither did her family.  “I’ve only met him not even a handful of times, “ her sister Khloé told MTV.  “We didn’t even know if it was a joke.”

But it was no joke.  In June Humphries made his first appearance on Kim and her sisters’ reality TV show.  He didn’t quite seem to fit in (he’s so tall), but wedding preparations proceeded as planned.

Weeks before the big day, no one could stop gossiping about the bride’s gown designed by Vera Wang, the invitation housed in its own box and studded with crystals, and the gift registry at Gearys of Beverly Hills.  Among the items on the wish list were silver serving spoons for $1,250 and crystal ash trays for $800.

On August 20, the affair at an 11-acre, well guarded estate in Montecito, California took place with 450 guests, not all of whom, but many of them, famous, if not celebrated.

The event cost an estimated $10 million, but the couple netted $18 million in network and photo rights.  On October 9 and 10, E! aired a four-hour special over two nights titled Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event which four million fans watched.  Then speculation of marital discord began.  By the end of the month the marriage was over, and the season of Kourtney & Kim Take New York hadn’t even begun.

Yep, the story has legs.  It will be with us well into the New Year.

© 2011 Susan Marg – All Rights Reserved


  1. I know why the marriage didn’t last long : the Kardashians are those butt ugly aliens from Star trek, aren’t they ?
    Happy New Year

    • Here’s a riddle for you, Chris. What’s the difference between a Kardashian and a Cardassion? One is a ruthless cold-blooded reptile-like creature. The other is from Star Trek.

  2. Absolutely superb!

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